TEMA s.r.l. was set up  in Cuneo  in 1992. It  is  the result of over twenty years' know how of experts in the field of glass sheet treatment who then decided to experiment and finalize a vacuum process for glass lamination.  

Since the early almost craft-like installations, technological evolution and a very wide experience gained thanks to the sinergy with customers all over the world have led TEMA s.r.l. to develop and constantly update their models. 

TEMA s.r.l. strength are quality, care for detail, use of the best materials,  always  striving  for  innovative  materials  and solutions and consequently  unsurpassed reliability.

We also wish to point out the concept of modularity, which
creates  total  versatility.  Customers  can  create  their  own installation.  From  a  small  oven  to  a  full  industrial  plant complete with preparation  tables, with  all  the  features of TEMA ovens:  very  high  quality,  heat  diffusion  control
guaranteed  by  several  PLC-driven  control  points,  total reliability and digital control of the vacuum plant.

Another great feature of the ovens in the four-level configuration  are  the  two lamination  chambers  of  the  plant, completely  independent  and  separated, to  give  TEMA's customers the best in terms of versatility and work organization. 

We are then also concentrated on servicing, and cooperate with the customers actively since the time of installation to setting  up  special  processes  and  technologies  for  the production of innovative laminated products.